Club / Singers' Nights

Upcoming Club / Singer's Nights in  2019, starting at 8-00pm, are:
 3rd 10th
 24th & 31st
 7th 14th 28th
 14th  21st 28th     
 4th 18th
 2nd 16th 23rd & 30th
 6th 13th 20th
 4th 11th 18th
 8th & 15th      
 22nd & 29th
 12th 19th 26th
 17th & 24th
 7th 21st 28th
 12th 19th 

Only dates in black are confirmed, those in Italicised  blue are provisional, as further guest nights are booked the table will be amended accordingly!
Only one guest booking remains to be confirmed in 2019 so the dates above assume that the guest nights will be around  about the middle of the month which may not always be the caseFinal Club Night Dates will be confirmed in the table above as and when guest bookings are finalized!

NB The next Folk at the Drum Christmas Dinner is on 12th December 2019, pre-booking is mandatory.  The Club will will close on 26 December 2019, Boxing Day!

Most Thursday evenings at The Drum  are Club (Singers') nights as we only have one guest a month. These start at 8-00pm  and are opportunities for singers and acoustic instrumentalists (or both) to get together to perform their songs and or tunes to an audience. Traditional and contemporary serious and comic folk songs predominate and are preferred but you may also hear music hall and blues
.  Also, some of the local performers perform their own songs so, if you are a budding singer/songwriter, come along to see how your songs sound to an audience. Some performers prefer to sing unaccompanied whilst others use a wide range of instruments including guitars, banjos, dulcimers, mandolins, recorders, whistles, harmonicas and various accordions. If you don't want to perform you can still enjoy these evenings by not only listening  but also by joining in and singing along to choruses. This club is known as a friendly club and is well known for strong audience participation.  By joining in you can keep your voice anonymous but add to the overall sound of the songs. So do not worry about how your voice sounds, loosen up your vocal chords and join in, perhaps even try some harmony! 

The Drum Inn is noted for its excellent food and superlative ales, wine & other drinks. Often, club members and visitors have a meal in the pub prior to the start of the evening's entertainment and this is highly recommended.  Once a year, at Christmas time, we have the Club Dinner (prior booking required) where we celebrate the festive season together with food, conversation and song.

For more information phone David Pleasants on 01797 320518 or 07890 292467, alternatively you can e-mail him at