Upcoming Guests

SI BARRON    www.sibarron.eu/                   5th September 2019 8-00 pm

He  plays guitar, dulcimer and harmonium and mainly sings English traditional song, the only kind of music that never gets oldMike Harding says:
I think he’s a really, really fine guitarist and an even finer interpreter of traditional and contemporary folk songs.  The Living Tradition Magazine calls him:  'A true aficionado of the genre'! 

GRAEME KNIGHTS & HEATHER CHAPMAN                      31st October 2019 8-00 pm

Graeme is an extremely powerful singer, who for many years, sang with the late great Johnny Collins, then with Johnny & Jim Mageean then, after Johnny's death he sang with Jim.  They sang twice at FATD in 2013 & 2015.  None of this takes away from the fact that Graeme is an extremely fine solo singer in his own right, he is also highly amusing as a performer!  However, that said, the opportunity to give him the chance to sing with his daughter Heather was too good for him, or us, to miss!  She has a lovely voice and "folkie" blood flows in her veins!

"BORDER CROSSING"                                                      14th November 2019 8-00 pm

"Border Crossing" are a local Kent group, not to be confused with the London based group of the same name.  The name is due to the fact that the original line up of Dean Tanio and John Matthews had one who was Scottish, John, and one who was not, Dean!  They have since been joined by Sean Wholihan, I hope I have his name correct!  Dean was a regular at the club but had a long way to travel and he then teamed up with John and they were occasional floor singers with us and finally I have managed to give them a long overdue booking!

HOOK, LINE AND SINKER                                                5th December 2019 8-00 pm

Chrissie, Sue and Karen are well known to the club, they are members, and I am delighted that they will be our guests in December!

CHRISTMAS DINNER                                                        12th December 2019 8-00 pm

More detail to follow.

"ROSEWOOD"     https://rosewoodband.co.uk/                           9th January 2020 8-00 pm

More detail to follow

JIB - JIM, INGRID & BARRIE                                                 27th February 2020 8-00 pm

This, relataively new, combination of some very fine and extremely experienced singers is a combination of Jim Mageean with Barrie & Ingrid Temple, they are a force to be reckoned with and I am sure we shall have an extremely enjoyable evening!

                       19th March 2020 8-00 pm

Nick is no stranger to the club!  More detail to follow.

                       2nd April 2020 8-00 pm

A first time appearance from John.  More detail to follow.

MARTYN WYNDHAM-READ WITH IRIS BISHOP                  7th May 2020 8-00 pm

A first time appearance for Martyn and Iris together at FATD!  Martyn has been our guest on two previous occasions and Iris came with John and Di Cullen so it will be good to have the two of them together!  More detail to follow.

More guest details to follow.

Floor singers are always welcome on Guest Nights but you will need to book a spot in advance.

Phone or e-mail David Pleasants on 01797 320518 or 07890 292467, david@plesbit.net.