Upcoming Guests


"ROSEWOOD"                                                                  9th January 2020 8-00 pm
Rosewood sing and play traditional and contemporary songs and instrumentals, some of which they have written themselves. Their unique features are the variety of their source material and the range of  instruments they play. Depending on venues these may include bandoneon, hammered dulcimer, bagpipes, bouzouki, concertina and deskbells.
The members of Rosewood are:
Val Woollard;  Bagpipes, Recorder, Flute, Hammered dulcimer, Desk Bells, Saxophone, Vocals
Phil Lyons;  Guitar, Ukulele, Bouzouki, Vocals
Simon Haines;  Melodeons, Concertina, Bandoneon, Vocals

The band’s 13-track CD, Rife & Strife & Mirth & Fun is available on their website and you can also sample the Song "The Oxford and Hampton Railway", from whence comes the CD's title, and the tunes "The South Shore/The Hawk".  Both are excellent and I thoroughly recommend taking the time to enjoy these two thoroughly enjoyable tracks.

JIB - JIM, INGRID & BARRIE                                                 27th February 2020 8-00 pm

This, relataively new, combination of some very fine and extremely experienced singers is a combination of Jim Mageean with Barrie & Ingrid Temple, all three are well known to us at FATD!  They are a force to be reckoned with and I am sure we shall have an extremely enjoyable evening!

                       19th March 2020 8-00 pm

Nick Dow has been a professional musician since the mid seventies and has many LP's to his credit. His career began in South London where he was a regular at The Bird in Hand folk song club, in Forest Hill. Nick is an all round professional Folk Singer and Folklorist whom I have seen on several occasions, most recently at the Teignmouth Folk Festival in 2015.  I have always thoroughly enjoyed what he does and the way he introduces and presents his songs.  Not only is he a great performer but he is also a great craftsman whose work building and repairing Gypsy Caravans is greatly admired.  As a consequence he is a fascinating man with whom to talk when time permits.

Nick doesn't have a website so I have used the hyperlink on his name above the picture to link to him on teh Folk and Honey website.  You can also find him singing "Through Bushes and Through Briars" on You Tube, you will find lots of other songs by Nick on ther and also some of his Gypsy Caravan activities and an interview with him on Radio Lancashire about the caravan he refurbished as a present from Ronnie Wood's wife for her husband.
Nick is no stranger to the club!

2nd April 2020 8-00 pm

A first time appearance from John.  More detail to follow.

MARTYN WYNDHAM-READ WITH IRIS BISHOP                  7th May 2020 8-00 pm

A first time appearance for Martyn and Iris together at FATD!  Martyn has been our guest on two previous occasions and Iris came with John and Di Cullen so it will be good to have the two of them together!  More detail to follow.

HILARY SPENCER                                                             4th June 2020 8-00 pm

"LOCTUP TOGETHER"                                                      16th July 2020 8-00 pm

TOM LEWIS                                                                      15th October 2020 8-00 pm

DEBRA COWAN                                                                22nd October 2020 8-00 pm

JIM RADFORD                                                                  5th  November 2020 8-00 pm

DICK MILES                                                                      3rd December 2020 8-00 pm
More guest details to follow.

Floor singers are always welcome on Guest Nights but you will need to book a spot in advance.

Phone or e-mail David Pleasants on 01797 320518 or 07890 292467, david@plesbit.net.